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My name is Theresa and I am in a great deal of "pain", if I had to choose a word for what I feel. I don't know how to describe it. My 16 year old son was on his way to school two months ago when he was taken away from us. My children ( I have four terrific sons 22, 18, 16, & 6) are my joy. I live for them and the pain I feel is unspeakable as I know many of you understand. It has been only two months yet the last two weeks have been very hard for me. I don't understand. It seems more like a nightmare today than when we were at the hospital in the PICU. I have lost 15 pounds, I can't sleep, I can't think, I have been trying to go on but a great part of my joy is no longer physically here. I just started counseling, and we (my 6 y/o and myself) will start group soon. It is so difficult todday just carrying out my day to day routines.

Thank you for letting me share.

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Hi Theresa

I am so sorry for your loss. Although I am not a parent (too soon for me), I am watching my parents go through their grief after my brother and only sibling and their only son passed away 6 months ago.

It saddens to me to know that both my parents are hurting so much and there's nothing that I can do. It was horrible hearing my dad cry for the first time in my entire life and hearing him say 'he was too young and this is wrong, it's not suppose to be like this'.

Theresa, the pain is horrible. Although the grief of a parent and a grief of losing a sibling is probably different, I feel for you.

Take care of yourself and the kids.


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