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There have been alot of firsts since mom passed away five months ago. the latest one is my BD. I have never spent a BD without her. She was always with me no matter what I was doing, and actually she always planned it. For my eighteenth we started at a martini bar then went to a bar downtown and then we to another bar where her friends were playing and they sang me a BD song. A bunch of rock-a-billies, it was cute. But thats what she did! i always had fun and so did she. My family and friends all tried very hard to spoil me and dirtractme which I appreciate very much. But it just wasn't the same. I lvoe her so much and I miss her so much!!! I still haven't figured out quite how to do this all without her. I miss everything she used to do for me. Is that selfish? To miss those things? I miss her, i miss spending time with her, talking on the phone with her. I miss ganging up on my husband with her, he misses ganging up on me with her. She was everything! What now?

Thanks for reading, i just need to vent a bit more!

Kelly sad.gif

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I just recently complete my '' first '' year without my mama. Some things that I am learaning are: I NEVER stop thinking about her, she is ALWAYS a heartbeat away. The pain remains, I am just learning how to adjust to living with it. Love is forever, there is no end. I don't beleve for a minute that missing her is selfish at all. I

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