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I just got home from work payday. My income dropped 75% when Wayne went to heaven. I checked my bills I have 22.00 to last until next 25th of the month. That is for food, doctor visit, and my 10 prescriptions, what now. I had to call to today to have my garbage can picked up, that bill was not included. It's only been five weeks and everything seems like it is closing in. My electric bill was 35.00 more than last month, that wasn't included either. Last month no one was home, we were in the hospital for a month. I don't know what to do, or where to turn. I'm all alone.


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Terry I would wait on the bills that you can.

In my experience if you have a good reputation for paying your bills on time.. most companies will be understanding. Your best bet is to call all of the companies and let them know your spouse has died and your income has severely dropped as well. As long as you call them .. calling & staying in touch with them is REAL important.. most companies will understand and offer some help. Get a notebook or some paper and write down each & every phone call you make. As in keep track of ALL communications.. the date, who you spoke to and what you spoke about.

I would get yourself signed up or registered for any prescription help you are eligible for. Call your county or state Social Service phone numbers probably in the Govt pages in the phone book.

Also..Ask your Dr for generic drugs when you can instead of brand name.

You also may want to talk to someone at Public Assistance or see if you can get food stamps or some other help like that... Again another question for Social Service.

Also do NOT be shy.. call up your town or your county and ask about any food banks/pantries they may have. Also some church's have food pantries and may be able to help you out. I would also discuss this with your daughter. Two heads are better than one.

I wish you all the best.

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Dear Terry,

I'm sorry you have to deal with all this. It becomes so overwhelming in the midst of such great heartache. It seems impossible to muster up the energy when you just want to curl up and cry, but you need to take care of yourself. Make a list of who and what you need to do. I still have mine from almost three years ago. Some things can wait, but your basic needs must be met. Leanne gave you good advice. I found out the county sometimes has emergency assistance even if you've never qualified before. Also, if you have an electric coop, call them. You may have a credit that they pay out after your spouse passes away. Food shelves right now have an abundance as March doubles their donations. Call credit card companies, too. If the card is in your husband's name, they'll halt any finance charges as you pay off the bill. While it's hard to face all this, I found most everyone I talked to was understanding and cooperative. Have you contacted social security? You may be entitled to survivor benefits.



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There is some very good advice in this thread. I don't know much about the system in the US, so the best I can say it to emphasize that you should NOT be afraid to ask for help. This is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to deal with, and it is OKAY to get help.


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