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It Is Easter And I Am So Sad

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Here it is Easter and exactly 1 month since I lost my beloved Ron. I sent my daughter and grandson, with my blessings, to visit out of town family.

I am cleaning out a junk drawer and the pantry. So much stuff, and it is not even personal stuff, and it brings up so much sorrow. I may never clean out "his" closet at this rate.

The last year and a half, while Ron was sick, we just stuffed stuff anywhere it would fit and you could get the drawer or door shut. I am trying to clean out and toss the real junk. Loading boxes for the food pantry or sr. center of stuff I will never eat but someone could use. Everything brings up memories and thoughts.

I am so glad Ron is no longer suffering and glad the end came as quickly as it did but I miss him so much and I want him so badly. I would not have wanted him to linger the way he was the last two weeks of his life, but .... How can a can of sauerkraut make me cry so many tears?

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Who cares if you never clean out his closet! Too many times people try to "clean everything out" and it ends up causing them more grief than if they had just left it there! Take your time, if you decide to clean it out then great...but if not, then who cares! good luck!

I have found that the oddest things make me break down! things that have nothing to do with the person I lost. There is no reason for it except that we just need to cry.

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