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My Life Is Runied Due To A Bad Decision

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ok so this all started when I finally started dating my crush Michael. It was so awesome, Michael was on prohibation, but he told me he was changing his life. Everything was perfect then the day after my b-day Michael was acting weird and said that he was going to move, to the lake. I didnt understand we talked about it and blah blah blah.. So later that night he calls me from jail. Ok so 6 months later he gets out. On Janurary 28 ,2005. It was the best day of my life I was so happy. Well he was going to be on prohibation and just change this time for real. We were going to move when I graduate the whole 9 yards. Well The weekend of Feb 5th Michael was acting kinda weird like he was sleeping alot but I figured he wasnt adjusted from jail time, so I brushed it off. Well Super Bowl sunday was perfect, he had a prohibation meeting the next day, and we just watched the game and stuff. WEll the next day I call him and his mom said hes been sleeping he didnt go... I was so scared that he was going back to jail. He called me and told me he was going to a friends and would call me later. I went to the store with my parents, he called I missed it so I called him back, we were talking everyhting was fine, then someone beeped in and he was like someone wants to talk to Jason Ill call you back later. He never did. That night Michael and his friend decided to rob a house. They got the money and eveything but as they were running the guy shot 3-4 bullets. One hit Michael he ran and fell about 50 feet away, telling his friend to keep going. Michael was supposed to make it but his blood wouldnt clot, the bullet damaged his body so bad, his live, lungs, kidney, and diafram, or something. He couldnt breathe in the ambulance, he turned blue, thats when they say he went brain dead. Then at the hospital he was non responsive, he died on Feb. 8,2005 at 1:15 am, over $300.00. Why?? I know I shoulda just called him back, and told him to come, this all just feels like a bad dream.

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