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Second Thoughts About My Parents

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Hi All,

I do not know about anyone else but I stayed behind and looked after my parents while the other kids went on with their own lives and now I am feeling really guilty about staying home all those years... What I mean is that now I am suffering more and I have no one who cares about me... They all have their own husbands or wives and they all have adorable children... I have no one.... DO not get me wrong I loved the time I had with my parents atleast with my mom... I just wish I had more things going right this time and not so many going wrong for me right now... I am in therapy but will have to quit because I lose my job at the end of June and until I find another I will not be able to afford it anymore... The problem is that all the stuff I have gone through therapy has really helped me and without it I fear that I will not be able to go forward any further... I just seem to have so many good things ending and none starting anymore... MY LIFE REALLY SUCKS RIGHT NOW shelley

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Hi Shelly,

Some get the family support , some don't but in the end we all have to fight our battles and are better for it. I know it is difficult and hard and sometimes not worth it but we all are children of god, so we need to have faith in him and ourselves. All the best to you, Keep moving on one day at a time. Hope you find some thing as a new job.

Take care,


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Hi Kavish,

Thanks for being there and replying, this is why I love this website people really understand what we are going through... Today has been really hard and I am trying so hard to just take it day by day... I need to find a job as soon as possible so that I do not have to give up my therapy.. I really appreciate everyone here and all the kindness everyone has shown me... Shelley

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