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I lost my mother & best friend May 5, 2001 to cancer. Her illness was very sudden. She was diagnosed in February & left us in May. My mother & I was very close. We were together everyday & talked on the phone when we weren't together. Althoguh it is almost 4 years I still feel lost and alone although I have 2 children the lose of my mother has left an empty place in my heart. I still have days of deep depression & I don't think I can go on with out her. Everywhere I would go would remind me of the times we spent there. So my answer to that was to move to another state. I moved 2 months ago & still find myself depressed & missing her. I don't know where to turn to since I'm in a new city. I find myself having problems sleeping & health problems. I know I have to be here for my children since my youngest is 13 & really needs me. But sometimes it's so hard because my mother was always there for me to listen & give good advice, now I have no one to turn to. I just hope things get better.

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Dear BarbJ,

I just wanted to reply to your message and let you know that you're not alone. I don't really have any really good words of wisdom because I just lost my mom almost one year ago (May 8th) and I really do understand how you feel. I'm hoping that you are able to find some strength from your children and in the memories of your mom. I also know how hard it can be each day and hope that you will come here and know that you'll find support and understanding.

Wishing you peace.

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