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Purr Healing© & Guided Meditation Cd & More, By Elizabeth Peru


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For those of you who believe, as I do, that the sound of a cat's purr is one of, or even THE most beautiful and soothing sound in the entire universe, or if you're simply missing your own furbaby's purr, here's something you may be interested in.

I've just been informed of a brilliant CD by Elizabeth Peru, available through her "Deltawaves" website. As I've been proclaiming privately for years, and science has now discovered, cats' purring is a form of sonic healing that is therapeutic and helpful for healing several dysfunctions, both emotional and physical...and not just for themselves, but for us as well. Since sound waves permeate and penetrate (or resonate through) everything that appears to be solid, such as our bodies, these healing effects can be experienced simply by listening to a cat's purr. As those of us in the alternative healing fields know, higher vibrating energies are to our benefit, and cats are among those who naturally carry and use such frequencies. Their purrs have now been discovered to fall in the 25-50 Hz range, with some as high as 140Hz.

Elizabeth's CD includes 2 guided meditations with purrs in the background (1- for healing; 2- to "meet Your Power Cat and meet Your Purrfect Companion"), plus one track that is ONLY purring, for those who prefer to "do their own thing" with it.

She also has a CD for helping with grief over lost, sick or departed furkids, titled "Family Animals™ CD," where one can connect to them energetically. Its tracks include: making the decision on euthanasia, finding lost animals, connecting with those who've passed, and connecting with those who no longer live with you.

Check out the wonderful background and research on this, and much more interesting and vital information regarding cats (and a small piece on dogs), on the Deltawaves website, from where you can order this CD (and/or other products) from anywhere in the world, shipping & handling included. Elizabeth lives in Australia, but my order to Canada, should apparently only take up to about 2 wks - faster than most shipments from the USA to here! Interestingly, the sample track from this CD had me very pleasantly surprised, as this cat's purr sounded just like my own furgirl's, minus her common "double purr" trick - Master Healer & Teacher that she was/still is. So it might even feel very much like actually BEING with her again - can't wait!!!

P.S. I didn't agree, however, with everything she'd said on the differences between cat and dog healing, as my experiences have shown me cats = "unconditional love" lessons/feelings equally well as any other species. I find that a bit speciesist, as I think it depends ONLY on the individual at a soul level, not upon the incarnated species of that soul.

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