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My daughter pulled her from a pile of puppies in a junkyard, Mommy, can I have it? Of coarse I crumbled, and so our life with "Booger" began. Yes, I did say "Booger". Booger became very sick about a week after getting her home. After much love and care, she made a full recovery. A while later I heard that all of the dogs left had passed. Only one other made it, one that my best friend took home with her. Booger quickly became part of our already quite large family. She was allowed to sleep in our beds, lay on the couch and watch tv, go to the store with us, and even have free run of our neighborhood. Everyone loved her. Some of our neighbors even figured out that if they were to be cooking out on the grill, make extra. They were sure to have a guest. She walked the kids to the bus, and like clockwork was howling for me to let her out at 3:45 so she could ensure their safe arrival home. She was a protector and playmate to my children and my BEST friend. She was always happy to see me when I returned home from work, and always sad to see me go. When she cried she sounded almost human.

Booger was never spayed. When we got her, I just couldn't afford it. She had a litter of puppies when she was about 2 and regardless of what anyone says, I think it made her a better dog. We would always keep her in during her "heat" to ensure no more puppies came to be. And since I have finised school and was able to afford her the spaying, we had it planned for this May. A little too late since she came in to heat and was in fact impregnated this time. She had 8 puppies April 10, 2005. All of which passed. She was deteriorating too. I thought at first that she was mourning the loss of her babies, seeing how she wouldnt eat and cried all the time. Upon returning home from a 12 hour day on the 15th, I found a very sick and lethargic dog. I called the vet out of bed at 11pm and took her immediately there. Come to find out that on top of mourning the loss of her pups, she also had a uterine infection (metritis) and anemia. The vet began treatment, and Boogs was recovering nicely. On Tuesday, she was back to her happy self. Tail wagging, and happy to see me when I visited. She still remained a little weak so I agreed to leave her another day. I'll never forget the way she cried when I left her. By late Tuesday night she was again lethargic. Wed morning I brought her home. Basically so that she could die with her family, not in a cage at a vets office. She passed at 8pm Wed night.

Upon looking over her bill from the vet, I noticed that there was a new medication given throughout Tues. After looking it up, I found that this antibiotic had caused acute anemia in 1 of 4 dogs. Why would you give an already severly anemic dog this med? I'd like to know the answer myself. I also learned, being medically ignorant but internet savvy, that given a blood transfusion, my dog could have possibly....no,PROBABLY, been saved. Her anemia was caused from blood loss during delivery of her puppies.

We burried Boogs in our front yard and planted a beautiful flower bed where she lay. I certainly hope she likes it, but I know it does her no justice. I also hope she understands why we haven't finished. As my vet bill was outrageous, and it left me pennyless. (I got the soil and plants but still need the edging and a headstone) I also hopes she forgives me for not finding the answers while she was still with us. A single transfusion, and we could have all still had our Boogs. How unfair is that?

My heart is healing, but my anger at this veternarian remains strong. I can not believe that someone in this profession, much like a MD, would not make every effort to save the life of a living breathing being. She had to know this, RIGHT?

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So sorry for your loss. My kitty just passed yesterday (he was 17).

A couple of things. I have heard that people who apply to vet school and are not admitted usually end up going to med school.

After making sure that your research is valid (re: med administered side effect anemia), I would discuss this with the doc who wrote the order for the new med. Find out why he/she chose it - given diagnosis of anemia.

Your BEST friend knows and understands everything and doesnt fault you for what happened at the vet or for not planting the flowers yet. I have to believe that our love (and theirs) transcends and isn't "lost" out there between us and them.

I dont know exactly how you feel cuz the circumstances of Bunny's passing are different from those of your friend however I do know what it feels like to miss my own heart.

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Hi Bunnys mom! I'm sorry for your loss as well. Here it is almost a month later and I still find myself fighting the tears daily. My daughter has already drug home a new puppy. She told one of her friends what happened, she in turn told her mom who raises boxers, and the next day I had one on my door step. She's adorable, and I have to say, I didnt want another pet, but it has helped immensly. Having to put so much time into her has helped me not to think so much of my loss.

Boogs does have flowers, just not any kind of headstone.(Which I ended up spending the money for the headstone on new puppy shots and the such.) I have to think that she has helped all her flowers to grow, because I have never had a green thumb and her flower garden is beautiful. I know nothing about plants and flowers so I'm real suprised.

Well, "Monsie" (due to the fact that my youngest child couldn't say Monster, and was running through the house with puppy in tow screaming "Monsie gonna get me") is only 12 weeks, so I have much puppy time ahead of me. (Puppies can be such a pain) But I am an animal lover, and just couldn't turn her away. She had me with those eyes!! Maybe a new kitten would help you in your healing?

As for the vet, when confronted the day after Boogs passed, she denied that she gave her that medication. She also stated that she was looking it up and in her book there was no mention of anemia. She lies. I have it on my itemized bill. If she didnt give it, why did I pay for it? If she didnt give it, why bother looking it up? There was a high incidence of anemia when administering this med. 1 of every 4 dogs tested. Some ending in death. Its in the manufacturers information, enclosed in the box. I've not called this vet since. I found a new one, highly recommended. I guess life is full of errors to be made. I just wish she'd have apologized instead of denying it.

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