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Well, May the 8th is Mother's Day of course. I was just thinking about my mother, and how I used to get her a card and a present yearly. Now that she is no longer with us, I just broke down and cried thinking things wouldn't be the same. It was such a nice, special occasion for me and Mama and now I don't have it anymore.... sad.gifsad.gif

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My Father passed about 7 months ago and since then we have been through Chritmas,Easter and in June his Birthday without him,but I still brought him a small gift and got my children to make a card for him,we just placed next to his vase on his grave.For Xmas I brought him a glass angel and Easter a fuffy chick.I also brought him cards.There is nothing to say you can't still buy for her like before it may help.

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I really understand how you feel and must admit that I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed with this weekend's approach. Mother's Day.....May 8th....will be exactly one year since my mom's death. Last year it was a Saturday and the day before Mother's day and I was in such a fog that it didn't really register what day it was.....this year it's so incredibly hard. I live many many states away from where my mom is buried and can't go to the grave to be with her, talk to her, etc. I haven't been there since the funeral and that breaks my heart. It's so weird to not be getting her a mother's day card, gift, - more importantly a phone call or a visit.....and to try to maintain a happy attitude for my mother in law because it's her day too.....I know that every day is hard and just because it's the anniversary doesn't really make it harder or easier but it seems like this mother's day is almost unbearable.

I hope that all of you are able to find a way to feel close to your mom and find a way to get through the day......

Wishing you all peace....

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