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Missing My Mom

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Hi Everyone

My mom died just over 4 months ago and I still miss her so much. My daughter was very close to her. I still find it tough trying to answer her questions when I am having a hard time dealing with it.

My family lives about a 30 minute drive from me and I cannot just not go there whenever I want to. I have 2 kids to look after and my youngest is only 5 years old.

I find I have to keep busy lately and I have not been sleeping well but I have so much energy. Can anyone relate to this?

I have asthma so I have to be careful that I do not overdue it.

I never thought it would be so hard.

We are so luck to have the internet available to us with these message boards.

I remember when I was much younger and my grandmother died. There was no support then and I think you were just expected to get over it. I remember it was hard. I was 17 years old and I was very close to my grandmother.

thanks for listening

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i know what you are going through. I lost my mom almost nine months ago now and I still have a hard time with things. I gave birth to my first baby one month after she passed away. I wish she had gotten a chance to see her, to play with her, anything. i think that has been the hardest point to deal with. I can relate to the not sleeping. it comes and goes but during the bad weeks I feel like I'm losing my mind. Mom was very young and her passing very unexpected. She was only 37 and in good health and at 23 i just was not ready to not have my mom there for me. I don't have any awnsers for you. I don't have any fix-it remedies for you. I wish i did, really I do. I wish you all the best in you struggle to come to terms with this. And i hope you have or find someone that you can confide in and turn to at any given moment. I think that is what has gotten me this far was having someone i could talk to. Someone that understands what I am going through and doesn't judge me. I really do wish you the best!


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Hi Kelly

Thanks for you kind thoughts and comments.

It must have been very tough your mom not being able to share in all the joys of you having your first child.

My mom was very close to my daughter that is 12 years old. I have a son too but he is now 6 years old but I think he was too young when she died to understand completely.

I am going to a coping group which I find very helpful because I am the type of person who needs to talk about things.

I think not being able to call my mom up and talk to her everyday is very hard.

One thing that has happened since my mom was diagnosed with cancer just over 2 years ago is Idon't take people for granted.

My dad and I have become closer since my mom died and I have really made a point of calling him everyday.

I still find the hardest part is trying to explain to my daughter why this happened. She asks questions frequently which I encourage but I find it tough but I know this is good because sometimes she hold things in.

I hope today finds you doing well and make sure you take good care of yourself and enjoy your baby.


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It must be so hard for you. I lost my mom just over 6 months ago from cancer and my dad has had cancer for about 4 years. My husband's mother has severe memory loss and his dad has cancer. It just does not seem fair that all this is happening to people so close to me.

I live in Ontario Canada and there are great local support groups for people who have lost someone close to them. I find it very helpful to talk to people face to face as well as these great message boards.

Please take good care of yourself.


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I completely understand what you are going through. My mom just died 6 weeks ago. My dad is in very bad physical shape, and has really deterioated since my mom's death. He also has dementia which makes it all the more difficult for me. They are now taking him to the hospital for the second time since she died. He knows that she has died, but he doesn't remember or believe it when he is told. I live about an hour away, but he has a full time health care giver. I too am afraid that I will soon be dealling with his death and I haven't even really had time to mourn my mom's death. I feel like I don't know how much more I can take, and yet more bad stuff keeps happening. There is nothing I can do except to go through it. My heart goes out to you, Karen and starkiss. And I agree, life just doesn't seem fair sometimes.


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