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Poems My Mother Sent To Me Today

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Today was a hard day. Bad day as my family calls it when they see me some mornings... Everything i saw and heard made me miss my zubeir...Everything. Whilst crying my sister had called and I told her that I had to go..

That made me cry even more coz there was a day this year when our pet had died and zubeir called me at the office to tell me about it. He told me in such a soft gentle way i remember. I cried alot about losing our pet and told him that I had to go... He phoned around my office and spoke to my colleague, asking her to check on me...Gosh was he a great guy and boy do i miss him:(

My mother heard about me crying today and phoned me. She then sent me some poems she had searched the net for, as she felt helpless and wanted to help me a little buy sending me messages/poems from people that can relate. Im posting them here. They made me cry, but I hope for you it will help a little...It has helped a little for me today...

In my moms words " this poem is to remind you that you will never be alone"

Never Alone

by Rodney Belcher

I feel you in the morning

When at first I awake

Your thought is with me

With each decision I make

You'd been around forever

Now I have to go on alone

But for love, I need not look

Cause by what you bestowed

In our time together

Will last in my heart

Forever and ever

Although you've left

And now walk above

I'm never alone

I'm wrapped in your love

Enjoy now your long waited reward

Feel peace that your love continues on

What was taught to me, will be taught to others

Cause you live on in me even after you've gone

The second poem, in my mom's words "is there to make you see that you that you will always look at pictures, emails etc and feel like the writer does and there will be feelings of guilt in terms of you being there with Zubeir when he died"


I sit in my closet

rapped up in a ball,

going through old letters

containing so many secrets,

reading old notes

looking through pictures

trying to push aside the memories

that sometimes haunt me in my sleep,

a familiar face reminds me of so much,

I should have gone too,

I was supposed to be with you

when you died

I come across this note,

name signed at the bottom,

oh, the memories we had,

still overcome by the last one,

a cold chill ran down my spine,

I had the feeling of being watched,

and when I turned,

there was that image of that wonderful familiar face . . .

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Wow, that is powerful!

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