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It's been almost 2 years now & I am still grieving over my pets. Not the ones that died, the ones I gave away. I hate myself for turning my back on them. I had lots of pigs & chickens, ducks & goats too. I built a small petting zoo on my property. Anyways, the guilt has kept me from moving on. I have been in denial that I was/am still in depression. I covered up w/ mislc. stuff to keep my thoughts busy. I cry about music, so I haven't listened to a single song in almost 2 years, commercials bring tears, and I'm just now seeing that I am still depressed. I have been taking anti-depressants for many years. Can anyone help?



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have you tried visiting a petting zoo or volunteering at an animal shelter? I have found that through extreme pain if I force myself to move on it actually helps...although it won't bring back your animals it might help you feel better since you would be helping animals again!

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Kiki, I'm sorry for the guilt that you're working thru. Have you thought about taking an online course? Volunteering at a humane society? I don't think your animals would want you to be unhappy. I know dealing with our emotions is hard to work. But I can tell that you love animals. You may even consider talking with a Counselor. I do agree with truckgirl, that sometimes when we force ourselves while we're in extreme pain, we do start the healing process. Best wishes.

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