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....cos I'm Hopeful.


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In the midst of sadness, there will be happiness.

In the fear of being lost, there I will be found.

In the rage of anger, there will be forgiveness.

In the drop of an endless fall, there will be the comfort of ground.

In the eyes that always tear, there I'll find the warmth of a pillow.

In the pain that breaks the heart, there will be a lending hand.

In the aches of memories, there will be a reminicing glow.

In the rugged path that leads ahead, there will be the softness of sand.

In all the sorrow that is now, there will be a place where it is never miss.

In the love that we have, there will always be the sweet touch of forever.

....And if you question how I know all of this?

This I will say......"cos everyday Bing-Bing leads me there."


I miss you little sister

Emelvee "Bing-Bing" Calungcaguin

jan.14.1986 - mar.31.2005

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Hi Emcee,

I could feel the pain you are going through, I have never lost a sibling so I do not know exactly how you feel but I could only imagine that you are very heartbroken.... Thank you for sharing this very emotional peom.... Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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