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Lost My Beloved Cat


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I lost my cat - and the most horrible thing is that I did not get to see him again. To explain, I am from Europe, and my father is still back there. My beautiful Siamese was with him - I got to see him in February when we went to visit. Well, a week ago I called my father just to find out about his death. I was told the cat was sick for two days, so am I crazy to blame my father for not doing anything?

It hurts so much to know that I am never going to see my cat again.

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine what you're going thru. I don't think you're crazy about blaming your Dad. Give yourself time to heal, and work thru the stages of grief. Do you have pictures of your cat? You might consider donating your time to a shelter, so you can be around other animals. Try and think about the good times that you had with your Siamese. I know it hurts, but give yourself time. Have you looked into other websites? Such as petloss.com. What gave me the most comfort was the poem Rainbow Bridge. It's about pet heaven. You'll be in my thoughts, again, I'm sorry for your loss....

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