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sure do Em and it's like a full force slam when I realise I can't, while I am always aware of it I do find once in a while, I will still actually get a fright when there's just something general I want to tell him, it's usually the real small stuff that this happens with, an email joke to foward and I can't :(, a new store in the city, many "insignificant" things that others have no idea how it can hit you.


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My mom died and six months later Antique Roadshow was on. It had Madison Wis. and she was born 30 minutes away from Madison. Her maiden name was Kutz. There was a lady with the name Kutz that found a 1920 paper dress in her attic. They used to sew temporary outfits from paper and wear them. I called mom and when it was ringing...I realized she had died six months earlier. Glad my brother didn't answer. He was living in her home and kept her phone number for a while. Yeah, been there. LindaKay

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