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Death Of A 3 Year Old

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Hello. I am a single mother stationed in Naples, Italy. I was driving home from work one week ago and there was a terrible accident 5 cars in front of me. A truck driver rear-ended a car. It turned out that the car that was hit was a friend of mine from work. She just got her 3 year old in daycare only 3 days before and normally wouldn't have been on this road. The little girl was critically injured and died 5 hours later. I saw this little girl slumped over in her car seat. I saw the Mom hitting everyone within reach. I heard her screams. I held her for hours. It is a mothers worst nightmare. That Mom could have easily been me. I cry when I hug my 4-year old. I get in arguments with everyone. (Everything seems so trivial compared to what I witnessed one week ago today. My boss tells me I'm taking on the grief of the mother and I shouldn't be so upset because it wasn't my child. My boyfriend says I need to stop talking about it because I'll go into depression or something. I feel like I can't talk to anyone. I don't know what to do.

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Guest Shannon

Hi Sue. Empathy is not a bad characteristic, so don't let people think that it is. This world would be a better place if everyone had a little more empathy. And it was still a tramatic experience for you, witnessing all of that. Your friend is lucky to have someone as sympethic as you. Maybe you will find solace in helping her work through her grief.

I understand what you mean about everything else being trivial in comparision. I often have that feeling. I keep telling people "I don't have room in life for this" when something just seems so small compared to what I've been through lately.

I wish you peace soon.

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Oh what a terrible experience for you to witness......I can completely understand how you feel for the mother......wow who wouldnt?.....

...yes it does show how much of life is trivial and yet we waste hours fretting over things....these things sure pull us up !

I hope you soon feel at peace with your thoughts


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