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Please share with us the name and author of the best book that you have read that has helped you deal with the loss of a spouse.

We have all probably read many, some are useless, some are OK, some are pretty good and others are excellent. What is helpful to one person may not be to others. But all suggestions are welcome.

I am a 60 year old male. My wife for over 40 years died on April 13, 2005 - 3 months after a diagnosis of cancer which had spread to her liver.

The most helpful book that I have read so far is Healing A Spouse's Grieving Heart by Alan D. Wolfelt. (2003 - 100 practical ideas after your husband or wife dies)

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Hi my name is Becky. My husband Ron died a year ago. I have read a lot of books since then but the best one I found was "through a seson of grief" It was so helpful and had so many wonderful quotes and scripture passages that I found to be very helpful. Even if you are not interested in the scripture part, just the comments and thoughts were so helpful and many were just where I was and/or am at the time. This book is thru a support group called grief share. The book is by bill dunn and kathy Leonard. I recommend this book to all of you.



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