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I lost my Friend Erica on November 15, 2004...she was loved sooo much she was beautiful popular and smart eveyone loved her... she died from n asthma attack... sad isnt it a simple asthma attack that soo many kids have each day... just knowing she suffocated to death just kills me!

~Erica~ babe we miss you so much we cant wait to see that beautiful smile again!!

My friend Ashley who was also friends with Erica lost her little sister Britney on July 4, 2005... she hung herself... at 15.. no one understands.. we all just wish she would of waited it out.. it would've gotten better... but shes in heaven now standing right next to erica!

~Britney~we miss you like crazy!!! it was so hard on ashley and kara to find you like that i just dont understnad why you would want to hurt all these people that love you! but keep ashley in your arms she needs you right now!!

~R.I.P.~ Britney Michelle Curran and Erica Leigh Vankirk.... Lost and Loved.. Gone and NEVER FOrgotten!!

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I know its hard. In 1999 when I was 14 years old my 14 year old cousin Andrew took his life too. All we know is that some Seniors from his school had been beating him up and tormenting him and so we figured he didn't want to deal with it anymore. The Seniors were suspended from one football game.. that was their punishment. It's hard to understand and I know exactly where you are coming from. If you ever need to talk feel free to leave me a message or something.

Love, Katie

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