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My sister has been dead for just over a year now. She was killed by a drunk driver and it's starting to hurt more and more. The pain is almost more than i can deal with sometimes. The worst part is my mom and dad hurt more than me. I had to watch my sister die in a coma at the place i work. I think in the end that helped a little. Every time i do a patient in the icu department it's like i'm craping my pants. I hope this gets better soon because the pain is killing me a little more everyday.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I am coming up on the one year mark for my Dad (which was sudden). As the time is approaching along with Christmas I am finding myself a little stunned again that this is real, this is not changing. It makes sense to me when you say it hurts more, so much of this year has been a complete blur for me and as I said sometimes I still go numb and then the shock hits again so I do think of the second year, when maybe it becomes even more real. Part of my mind still tells me every so often, hang on till next year, it will all change, he'll be home again and life will go back to normal......but of course intellectually I know that's not possible.

I'm sorry you had to watch your sister leave at the place you work, I can't imagine how traumatic that is for you, of course it makes is so hard for you to do work in the ICU.

I wish I had words of comfort for you but I don't because I struggle with this nightmare every single day too. But you will always have people here to listen and share with you

((hugs))) to you


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Thank you very much for your kind words. I know what your talking about with your father and the holidays. One day at a time for both of us i guess.

When you said it was a blur, i'm right there with you. I can't remember a lot of the days after her death. My mom and dad said the same thing. We can't even remember what we got each other for xmas. I kind of push them to do the holidays to help them. I was good intill now. I had a lot of steam in the beginning but am starting to peter out. Hang in there for the holiday.

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colonel0404, first let me say I'm sorry your sister was killed by a drunk driver. So unnecessary. Second, let me thank you for your work in the ICU. I don't know what your position is, but everyone of the staff that greeted me in the ICU when my husband was dying (or already had died) was so compassionate and helped me through every decision I had to make. One even had a lump in her throat when talking with me, so I can't even know how difficult it was for you to have watched your sister and not been able to do anything more for her. I'm telling you this because I want you to know that your being there helps others so much, please remember that and hopefully that will take away some of your pain. Parents worse fears are outliving their children, and that is what your parents are going through. It's understandable.

niamh, your words express me tonight (I am finding myself a little stunned again that this is real, this is not changing). Nancy

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