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Missing Not Only A Sister A Best Friend

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On May 2, 2004 i lost my 12 yr old sister. Her bday was going to be on May 22. My parents, 16yr old cousin and sister and I were in my fathers truck on way to movie from church. When a lady came over a HUGE median and flipped upside down and hit our truck on top crushed the door where my sister was and landed on car behind us killing another woman. It was very sudden, head injury. Well, let me just tell you how life has sucked. I was A senior that year in high school so as you can imagine it was very hard to finish but my teachers were jsut so great. My sister was the biggest daddies girl ive EVER met. So my dad has taken it very hard. He is a tall big police officer so to see him so torn was heart-wrenching!

My sister was not only my sister she was my best friend. All my friends knew my sister and she was always with me. We went to school 30 mins away from our house. So, for that last year when she got outta school i picked her up wene to 711 or where ever she wanted to go and headed home with the music blasting having a ball. So this loss was terrible for me. She was just the best person in the world.

Now i know my sisters in heaven and has many crowns for the hundred or so people that got saved at her homegoing. my grandfather is a pastor and he had enough in him to do her service and it was beautiful. He did a great job and like i said so many people were touched.

I have just been at such a loss lately. its been hard. That first year was hard but there were all the FIRSTS to do and people still around. Now its just family. My grandmother has since been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and NOT good... My moms aunt passed away, great grandmother passed and my cousin was born with a genetic disorder that has left her blind and deaf, and she has little muscle tone. Just think of a 4 months old movement and thats her but shes jsut at a year!

So needless to say my family that neevr had problems went from that to one thing after another. I am 19 my parents are only 37! They are tryin to have another child. So theres that and its pulling me in excitement and sadness i guess. me and my mom have talked and we both arent sure. i think tho its what my parents need.. they dont want the empty house.

Sorry things are random. i had a bad day so i had to let this out there and i saw this site. so i kinda let stuff go. let me know if you have any suggestions or anything to get threw this!!

thanks, keli

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Guest Guest_emcee

Hi Rembritt, I am so sorry for the loss of your little sister. I had just lost my little sister too just 5 months ago and the pain is really unbearable. She was 19 and Im 24..... Im glad that you and your sister were really close, that's something we will cherish forever. Not only are they our sisters but also our best friend, and now they are closer to us than ever. They will always forever be in our hearts...I look at some of my friends and sometimes I get so sad cos they dont even try to get along with their sisters. I guess I would never understand that. I do have another sister, she's my twin, and when my little sister was still here, we were very close and there for each other. Now, I know that Im still lucky that I have another sister and were closer than ever. We do miss our third wheel....I know there's nothing I could say that would make you feel better but I do know that now even tho our sisters were younger than us, they have now become our guide through life. Everyday, they will show us to the right path, protect us, and bring a smile to our face. They will do that because we know how much they love us and everyday, in memory of their lives, we will make them proud.

Take care, Rembritt.

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It was funny of you to say you notice your friends dont get along with their sisters. I so try to tell my friends. But as i know. If i hadnt been threw what i was threw i would ahev been just like them.... If you dont mind me asking, how did your sister pass?!

It must be nice having another sibling to share things with. My parents are probably going to have another baby. But like ive said when talking to my mother. Its gonna be hard cause that baby as they grow up wont know my sister but my dad says theyll know enought about her theyll think they know her. So, im tryin to get threw my life here and realize i have to go on. but ive been having lots of guilt lately with going on. Ive also had lots of anger towards the lady who hit us. We have court in January and its kinda hard thinking i have to tell a jury how my life has changed for them to find her guilty. kinda pathetic... sorry to ramble but nights are my hardest!

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Hi Rembritt, my sister had a congenital heart syndrome that nobody knew about. Two years prior to her death, she would have chest pains but after taking her to different cardiologists, none of them found anything wrong and they blamed it on teenage stress...can you believe that....On Easter Sunday of this year, my sisters were all at my apartment and my little sister woke up that morning laughing with my cousins. When she went into the bathroom, we heard her collapse and as soon as we open the door, she told us that she couldnt breathe. My sister and I were helping her sit up and as I was cradling her in my arms, I heard her made a wierd sigh and I just knew her heart stopped. We did cpr on her and she would come back from time to time until the paramedics got there. In the emergency room, she started having seizures and it lasted for more that 6 hours...The next four days were really our time to say goodbye. She never regained consiousness cos that very first day she was at the hospital, about more than 50% of her brain was gone. I think that Easter Sunday was really the day when she was gone. Maybe she just gave us the next few days to be with her body to say goodbye...We gave her organs away because that was really important to her, although it was really hard for us.........I think no matter how long our siblings have gone, it's always gonna hurt no matter what everyone says about time heals the pain. I dont know if we feel that same kind of selfishness cos I, too, feel that way. On the days were I feel a little happier, I noticed that I am happy cos I completely block her out my mind. I feel like sometimes when I think about her, it just ruins my day, but by the end of the day, all it takes is one second of thinking about her and I competely breakdown. And everyday, this is my cycle....I guess its my ways of dealing with it......anyways, Im glad that your parents want to bring another child into this world. You dont have to worry about your next sibling not knowing about your little sister cos every sibling, whether you've met them or not, has a silent connection. I know that your new sibling will have his/her special bond with your little sister.... I really hope that you're doing okay. Each one of us have our own way of dealing with our loss and Im not one to tell you otherwise. Please feel free to email me whenever you wanna talk about your sister......One more thing I wanna say is we must remember how fortunate we are to have known someone in our life who is so hard to say good bye to.

take care, emcee

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