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The Mall At Christmas

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I bet nobody knew that there were shopping malls in Norway. There are, unfortunately. I tried to purchase most gifts online, but needed to get a couple of things at the local mall. It's not huge, so I ended up meeting several people who knew my husband. He was a well-loved and respected teacher at the local high school, so I was approached by both teachers and students - all of whom wanted to offer their condolences, saying how hard the holidays must be for us, how much they missed him, etc.

By the end of it all I could barely scrape what was left of me out to the car. And as an added insult, the music playing in the mall was "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

That was my shopping day. Just wanted to share it with someone. I'm glad he touched other people's lives - I just wished he could have continued doing it.


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I know that had to be difficult and I can relate. Clint was a mail carrier for 31 years and for most of those years, had the same route which included many people he grew up with and their children, etc. He was well known and whenever I'm in that part of town, I run into people he knew and who constantly remind me of what a good man he was. It's heart wrenching, knowing he's gone and can no longer contribute to humanity and touch the lives of others.

My heart goes out to you and to all of us who are missing that special someone during the holidays and every day.

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Melina, your husband, as a teacher, certainly left his imprint on many. Good for him, and although it was hard for you to keep being reminded he isn't with you, it must have been nice to hear how much he was also missed by others. Yes, it seems like it is going to be hard for you & us this year, but together we'll get through it. And I know what you mean about hearing the same Christmas song over & over with the words that echo your feelings. I keep hearing "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in your dreams" over and over. On a side note, I guess I never thought about shopping malls in Norway. We're so saturated with malls in the US I figured commercialism was rampant all over the world. I didn't have much to shop for this year, but I ended up shopping internet just because I couldn't find the exact thing I wanted in the stores. Nancy

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I'm sorry, I know how hard this is. I did all of my shopping on line and try to avoid the malls altogether. I love "All I want for Christmas is you" (Mariah Carey) but I understand how difficult that message is when you can't have him. I am trying really hard not think about that and to accept that I am alone, but gosh, look how long it's taken me and all of the wrong turns I've made getting here! It truly is a difficult journey. :(



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How difficult for you! You know, I usually am pretty good on a daily basis (though of course I have moments just about every day); then a couple of months ago, I ran into one of Scott's friends, and it was all I could do to hold it together. Seeing him was just so 100% Scott - so from his world, the world that is no longer a part of my life, it was like a slap in the face.

As for all the Christmas music, this being my second year, though more difficult in some ways, I find I am able to enjoy Christmas songs, even the sappy couples music. I think this is because I have always enjoyed Christmas music (Scott kinda tolerated it, so I don't have any real special Scott Christmas music memories). It is the presents that hit me. He loved buying me presents and would have been in heaven (no pun intended) buying Kailyn presents and watching her open them on Christmas morning.


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