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Write A Holiday Greeting To The One(S) You Miss....

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Merry Christmas Mom! I know you are enjoying heaven-- tell dad and the girls I miss and love them-- and be sure to stop by for at least a little while on Christmas day! And guess what? I am having ham! ha ha ha! I know you hated ham-- but rest assured-- I am having a turkey too.

Everybody tells me that the new dog I got has your eyes-- I didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me-- but she sorta does have that way you had of looking at something or someone from the corner of her eye-- so I think that is what made me feel like I HAD to have her when I saw her photo on that rescue sight-- so yes-- I now have 3 dogs in the house. (But you knew that didn't you?)

I used the pic I took of you and the boys last year at Lorrie's house for my Christmas card--- notice Zack with the wine? The little devil!


Alax is doing so well-- he continues to made strides and you were right when you told me he 'had' autism-- it didn't 'have' him.

He misses you a lot-- and is struggling. So if you could--- give him a warm spiritual hug and keep close to him over the holidays.

I miss you-- but know you are always with me.

Love, Tony

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Dear Anthony,

What a great idea! Your Mom is enjoying the Christmas Card you sent her. What a beautiful picture of your precious Mom with Zack and Alax. Our loved ones on the other side do read our letters we send them. I'm going to write a Holiday Greeting for my Dad also!



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