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My mom died just 6 weeks ago and I am still trying to deal with all my grief while going on with my life. But my dad is also in very bad shape, and I don't know how much longer he will be around either. I am so afraid to lose him too, especially so close to my mom's death. I realize this does happen and that people on this board have written about having to deal with this. But how do you handle the death of both parents so close together? Right now it is just so hard to watch him decline mentailly and physically. A part of me is already in mourning even though he is still alive. Meanwhile his condition makes it that much harder to grieve for my mom.


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I feel as though I was grieving over my grandmother's death 9 years before she died....she had alzheimer's disease and I was a caregiver for her for that time...I think that it is good to do the "pre-grief" stuff because it actually does seem to make the actually grieving process a little bit easier.

just focus on enjoying your time with your dad as much as you can! focus on his life rather than his death...although he is in bad shape he still can feel your love and presence!


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