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The Pain I Feel

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You didn't answer my phone call,

I could feel when you took the fall,

You never said good-bye at all,

And I'm supposed to still stand tall?

I left a message for you to hear,

But now there's a bigger fear,

I cried more than a single tear,

Because you didn't say, "I love you, dear."

I came home and my heart broke,

My tears made me almost choke,

Some thought it was a sick joke,

But I figured it was too much coke.

Now you are no longer here with me,

And I still sit under "OUR" tree,

Sometimes it's you I can still see,

And I remember my heart's still not free.

Will my pain ever heal,

Will my mask one day reveal,

The pain that is all too real,

Or is this how I'll forever feel?

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Hi Cntrygrl4783,

What an emotional peom, I could feel your pain. I really like the peom and I wanted to thank you for posting it for us to read... Sharing is always helpful when you need a helping hand... Thanks again and take care Shelley

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