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Anyone Been Hospitalized For Grief/depression?

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i seem to have tried everything to deal with the loss I am experiencing in my life-- my mother passed away 3 months ago, my advisor a couple of months ago, and my girlfriend and I split up one month after my mother died because she was cheating on me... I have tried everything to deal with these losses and grief-- it is reaching the point of being overwhelming and wondered if anyone went into any treatment programs to deal with the grief? If so, can you tell me what happened? what was it like?

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I have had a few friends who have gotten professional help and who have been hospitalized for grief...they all said that it didn't help as much as they had hoped for! it is a hard thing to determine whether or not that is what you need? Sometimes just taking a vacation can really help...I am getting to the point where I really need to GET AWAY!!!!!! I just want to see the forest trees and relax...it's been since march when my grandmother died and I haven't dealt with her death yet!

Good luck!!!

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((((Star eyed))))

This is my first post here but I wanted to respond-

I'm so sorry for your pain and loss. Grief on top of other heart aches is completely overwhelming.... I agree.... and boy do I understand.

I lost my mother in this past October, am an only child from a divorced family and planning a wedding too. So my reaction is... I do nothing - because it's all too overwhelming. Also teach 100 students a day- (art teacher)

Advice - I finally went to a doctor and am currently on wellbutrin XL -

It helps so I can function. You did say three months ago -

Your pain is still raw and so new but do get to your doctor if not already.

Grief can and will have an effect on you physically. Especially in having muscle aches that whatever you do - do not go away. I still have them and it's almost been a year.

Hospital - I say first get advice from a professional - grief makes you feel like you're going crazy but your feelings are normal. How are doing now since you last posted this? You will have your okay days but then you'll have some where getting out of bed is almost impossible.

I understand - and know - You're Not Alone,



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