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Four Months Ago

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Just four months ago today, I received a telephone call from Palliative Care. Since it was 5:30 AM I knew it couldn't be good or routine. Less than four hours later with myself and our two adult children at her side my loving wife for over 40 years took her last breath and her suffering ended.

I have been reading a wonderful little book of daily meditations,Healing After Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman. Today's message was quite comforting. I will share the essence with you:

" ....one day - an idea that will horrify you now - this intolerable misfortune will become a blessed memory of a being who will never again leave you. but you are in a stage of unhappiness where it is impossible for you to have faith in these assurances" - Marcel Proust

That stage is certainly where I am today.

Martha tells us what some of us feel - we resent any suggestion that any good will come of our loss. She tells us that while we will never be "cured" of our affliction we will not be "forever bereft". She summarizes by saying:

"If I cannot believe it now, I can hold out hope that in time my lost love will be a continuing blessed presence in my life."

This song is for you sweet Jeannie: sad.gifsad.gif

I miss You Dear sad.gifsad.gif

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