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I am sorry you lost your beloved husband. You have a gifted way of putting things, that will aid you in your grief as it helps to get things out. (You might want to turn off your cap lock as it's considered "shouting", and I realize that's not your intention.)

Do you mean your brother is your boss or his brother, or what? Your son is Jehovah's witness, but isn't he there for you in your loss?

I love the poem you wrote about your husband. It's good for us to hear about him, it helps us "know" him through you and understand your loss better. I wish I could give you a big hug, but you'll have to settle for this cyber one. (((hugs))) Please keep posting here, there are a lot of us here listening and we're all going through our journeys together.

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And he will be there to sing to you with the angels...


Too Kind. Thank you. No storms insight today. Unusual..bit not alarmed just concerned a bit. Is this normal or the numbness enveloped me once more? The fustrating thing is that I have no connection to his memories. AHGGG! Like trying to twinkle and you can't....

I remember things but can't relive them with emotion as if I am repeating something I heard long ago. The Anger has also subsided this past 3 days...I understood anger don't understand the nothingness I am experincing at the moment. Again Thank You for lending me an ear...M

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