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I didn't find the lyrics but I did find a 99 cent download...I bought the whole CD for $18.00 so 99 cents is a good deal...here's the link:


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The first book ddpicted on that sight is reported to be exclent "Learning to Breath Again."

In Learning to Breathe Again, popular recording artist Tammy Trent tells the unforgettable story of her eighteen year relationship with Trent Lenderink, her high school sweetheart and later, her husband. While free diving in Jamaica, Trent failed to return to the surface of the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon. The next morning, September 11, 2001, as she struggled to comprehend her inconceivable loss, terrorists were attacking America. Alone, overwhelmed, and far from home, Tammy found a lifeline of hope connecting her to God's enduring love and incomprehensible strength. Hardcover edition. Tammy's Tour Schedule

Thanks for the link, I am buying the book.

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