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My Wonderful Husband And Best Friend


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I waited a lifetime to meet my soulmate and I found him in you. I admired you so much! You were easy to talk to and be with, I really enjoyed living with and spending time with you. You brought love and joy into my life! I admired you so much for your always being willing to learn and grow and change. And I admired your strong sense of survival and perseverance. I admired your ability to show so much grace and forgiveness. You showed me the greatest love I have ever known or seen in any person. You always responded to me in a positive light and showed faith in me. Is it any wonder that I am still in love with you, that I'd rather be with you in death than anyone else in life? I love you with all that is within me! You were the greatest gift I have ever been given and I thank God for you. I was so amazed at how true you were to me, what a loyal wonderful husband. You had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever seen! If I had one word to sum you up, it would be "sweet", and to me that is the greatest quality one could have. Anyone who had you for a friend was very fortunate because they had the best. You were all that I was lacking in, my counterpart, my balance. You were like a breath of fresh air and sunshine in my life. You made me so very happy. You were an exception...a rare man, one who became victorious in life, and you now have your reward. Wait for me, I come to join you as soon as I am able. I love you forever.

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