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Colin's Song


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Whispers in the trees, take me back there please

a time before the tears, a time when you were here

not a spirit on the breeze

this sorrow still remains, i'll never be the same

and i lost everything, everything you mean

left stranded with this pain

and all these memories, oh tell me please

that it's not real

they say you're gone, i know they're wrong

cause you're still here

how do i say goodbye, how do i even try

this hurt will never dull, never be controlled

you live inside my soul

Until we meet again, my dearest closest friend

you're love i keep with me, you live within my dreams

i'll never be set free

and all these memories are killing me

and they're so real

these scars run deep, my heart you keep

i'll never heal

and somewhere do you know, this love that overflows

are you watching over me, and do you ever see?

i'd give my very soul

if these memories that live in me, could make you real

they say you're gone, I know they're wrong

cause you're still here

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Hi Jeni,

What a wonderful peom you have shared with us, I felt that Colin was someone special to you... I felt this just by reading the words in your peom... I thank you again for sharing Take care Shelley

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