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Coming up in August, there is a great event called Camp Widow. It's held each year hosted by an organization called Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation, a foundation I'd like to learn and experience more of.

"Camp Widow™ is a weekend long gathering of widowed people from across the country, and around the world. We come together to create a community that understands the life altering experience of widowhood. Camp Widow™ provides practical tools, valuable resources, and peer-based encouragement for rebuilding your life in the aftermath of the death of a spouse…all in a fun, uplifting, laughter filled atmosphere."

I'd like to go to this years event but I'm not quite sure financially how I would be able to. I am not working and have no income coming in at this time.

What I do pray for is an opportunity to visit the event in August and be able to be around others who have experienced the same loss as me, the loss of a spouse. My support group here in town is wonderful but making new life long friends would be awesome and therapeutic.

I want to be able to spend time with people who "get me" and have some deep serious conversation about what happened, what has helped me, and share how I have been able to look forward.

Camp Widow hosts numerous workshops that are tailored to people "like me". I plan on being attentive, taking notes, and asking questions. I want to learn as much as possible to figure out how I can be the person I want to be after all that has happened. I think I can find that at Camp Widow and the people who will be there.

I hope I can make it. It would be a blessing that I would be grateful and thankful for.

Is anyone else attending?

Also, I'd like to know a place where you would like to visit that would give you some clarity or inspiration in your life?

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Dear James.

This summer, at some point, I am going into the woods of northern New hampshire to hike the Presidential Range, the Pemigewasset Wilderness,, the Lafayette Range and Cannon Mountain. It is a hike i last did in 1973, the last time I felt abandoned by the world. When I get home I plan to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" which has always lifted me out of the darkest nights--I'd watch it now but have not yet found a DVD of it.

The mountains give me a sense of clarity. They were where Jane and i both touched nature most completely. But this was a hike we never did together because the hut system would not let us share a bed.



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