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I Could Have Missed The Pain, But....

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That wonderful song was played at my brothers funeral 5 years ago. He was a trucker and his sons worked for him. His son played that song for his dad because my brother was an outgoing, funloving guy and his son was so glad they did not know he would die so suddenly. He was driving his 18wheeler on a road outside Michigan when he had his fatal heart attack. He pulled his rig off the highway so he would not take other lives and ended up in a ditch. Your posting of that song brought back that day and reminded me of how we should live our life today because we never know when our time will come. We should live our life like it is our last day on earth.

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Oh, Walt none of us would have missed a day. It's back to days of tears for me. The words of this song are words I've said in a way looking at our wedding pictures. So happy....so in love....the beginning of a bond I could not have imagined two people could share. We could not see the future to be cut so short. We finally reached the time of our lives that was supposed to be the "best is yet to come". I knew 18 years ago it would not be for me and Gene.......a long future together. I know all of us wanted just a little more time. This pain hurts so much but I would not trade it for the love I carry. I would not have missed the dance.

Always Gene!


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