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Memories - Palliative Care Memorial Service

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This poem was read today at a Palliative Care Unit Memorial Service for all their former patients who died in the past year. My dear wife Jeannie was one of those who received their loving care for 99 days earlier this year.

I want to share this poem with you with the hope that it may provide some comfort, as it did for me.


Memories are like pictures

That are captured by the heart

So that when we’re not together

We’re really never far apart

We can look within our album

And see snapshots, oh so clear

That draw us to the people

WE have held so very dear

These pictures last forever;

They can’t be stolen or destroyed

They’re unique to each and every one

And they help us fill the void

That’s left so deep within us

When someone for whom we care

Is taken from our human grasp

And the burden’s ours to bear

But memories also give us strength

To carry on each day

As if we’re given comfort

By the one who’s gone away

Just when the clouds seem darkest

A memory comes to mind

And it’s like a ray of sunlight

We thought we’d never find

It can bring a smile to our face

And wink away a tear

As if to say “It’ll be alright

There’s no need for you to fear”

We can’t bring back the days gone by

A new stage of life has dawned,

But we can embrace the love we’ve felt

Then reach out and pass it on.

Author: Muriel DeLong

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