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I broke my right elbow (radial head fracture) & had to go to the hospital, got home after midnight. Can't work, drive, walk the dogs. I live in the country, no public transportation. The doctor was very cryptic, said to get someone to take care of me, trade cars with someone (I have a stick shift) or rent a car for two months, kennel my dog for two months (he gets separation anxiety and almost died last time I left him with my son for four days). I think she's in a different world from me. I don't have many friends and those I do have can't handle the dogs, I don't have $ for a car or kenneling and anyway there's no kennel here. I'm supposed to rotate my arm several times a day and I can't even straighten it, I'm in so much pain, there's no overnight pharmacy within two hours away. I feel so helpless. If George were here he'd take care of me.

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Oh Kay, I'm so sorry. That really sucks. I wish I lived nearby so I could come and help you. What a miserable thing to happen when you're all alone. How did you break it? What happened? Could your kids or sisters take the dogs for a while so you could at least not worry about them? I know the one dog gets separation anxiety, but often dogs will manage to relax or at least settle a little if they're with someone over a longer period of time. Four days would not be enough time for the dog to calm down and find its place. I'm speaking from 30 years of experience with different dogs.

Do you have a pharmacy that can deliver? Maybe through a home health nurse?

Is anyone on this site living in Oregon and can pay Kay a visit? Let me know if you at least want to talk on the phone. I'll be home again June 29th.


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OMG...you have had your share...can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. You unknowingly helped me so much with the "song".... I wish there was some way I could help you now. Our lives take such wierd turns..how can we help but say 'why me' after everything else we have had to endure. At times like this one wants to "pay it forward" but distance in this case makes it impossible...all I can offer you is a prayer to get you through this....little comfort...but best I can do. "He" sure works in strange ways!!!! Bad enough these things happen...and we are left alone to deal with them ..one hurt on top of another....strange ways indeed.

Thinking of you and hope for the best.

As a P.S. the lottery ticket I bought was not a winner...sorry.....will try again....Carol

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I am so very sorry! What a terrible situation. Wish I was your neighbor, I'd take care of you!!!!!! Enough is enough already! Hang in there.

Thinking about and praying for you.


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OH, Kay,

I cannot believe the way things have gone so bad for you. I wish I was closer I would take care of you. Call your town or county government, they do have places that can send out trained people to help you through your bad time. We have one up here called SCIL, for south coast independent living center. They were the first to help us get someone in her for Pauline. and that was I think 1998 or 1999. A young woman came in every day for about 6 hours until I got home from work. It is worth looking into. other than that everyone else has given other ideas. I wish you the best. I pray for you every day. I know it will be 6-8 weeks before you are able to start using your arm. Hang in there its has got to get better for you.

God Bless you and watch over you and heal you.


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My son is gone on a camping trip and I have his dog with me as well as my own. My daughter lives in an apt. with cats, no dogs allowed. My sister is older and has no equilibrium so she is unable to be around the dogs as she falls easily. My other sister is quadriplegic, another one is on a trip but her husband is allergic to dogs and cats, and my other sister is also on a trip. My friends are older and unable to help me.

I was on a walk and tripped on the asphalt, that's how it happened.

I live in the country and there is no available help...city, state, county, they've all made cutbacks as the entire state has been so hard hit. Unless a person has money or a house to sign over, the gov't doesn't step in.

I've been trying to ice my elbow and work it like they said but still can't straighten it even with pain pills. I'll keep trying but they say it'll heal bent if I can't straighten it out. They can't cast it because I have to exercise it, pain and all. I wish it'd happened in a place they could cast. :(

Will not be able to go in to work tomorrow (I work Mondays) but will work a couple of hours on line from home every day to try and get the work done, breaking it up as needed with ice and exercise and rest. It hurts to type but I put a board over a drawer and stuck the mouse on that, it helps because it's lower.

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Dear Kay,

This is awful. I wish here was something I could do. I can think of no one i know in Oregon, but I will ask around among my relatives who are all in the Seattle area and have been there for years. Maybe they know someone in your neck of the woods.

Keep doing what you can with the arm.

You are in all our prayers.



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