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Dear Admin.,

I just joined this site recently and rather like it, but I've noticed the "tracking" options don't seem to work. When I check either or both of them off, I don't normally receive a notification email to let me know someone has posted to a certain forum, yet find a new one when I manually check.

I don't know how old or new this site is ( I gather it's rather new ), but so far I find it pretty quiet, with not many responses to anyone's postings. I know this isn't really your fault, but are there more ways you could get the word out about this site? The one I was using more is much more active, but I just found those using it weren't as clear, explanatory or expressive about things as the people on this site generally are, so I really would prefer to make this one my mainstay while I still feel a need for these sites.

I also REALLY enjoy Marty's postings ( and articles ). Not only are they very helpful and insightful, and worded very nicely, too, but it shows she's actually monitoring what's going on in the forums.....a welcome change from most sites!

So thanks for this place....if it could only get more active!

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