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With so much bad happening lately, losing my job, my mom's diagnosis, two falls with multiple breaks, bruises, cuts, and abrasions, my vehicles needing repairs, etc. it is easy to think of our woes and worries. But I've started noticing many blessings too and decided to list them so I would remember that God is hearing prayers and trying to look after me through the hearts of people He sends my way. It is so encouraging and uplifting, I've decided I'm going to continue with my "Blessing" list as a reminder and encouragement.

This is just what I've started so far:


1. When I broke my elbow, Rich took me to the hospital

2. My neighbor, Debi, got the dogs back

3. My sister Peggy took me to the dentist when I couldn't drive

4. My sister Peggy took me to a job interview

5. My son mowed my lawn

6. Mike weed whacked for me

7. I've been able to work a bit from home while being laid off

8. I survived the first week of being alone with a broken elbow

9. When I broke my nose I could still breathe

10. When my teeth moved over 1/8", they started moving back

11. The dentist was able to fix my broken tooth and shave some off the back of it for my alignment without it being too extensive

12. I got food from the Food Bank

13. I've found some jobs to apply at and even got called for interviews

14. The dogs have been good so I could walk them (one at a time) with my left hand

15. My neighbor Debi brought me some catfood

16. My sister Polly paid for my ins. for a couple of months enabling coverage when I broke my elbow

17. A couple of people sent me cards

18. My son is working on my vehicles

19. A lot of people are praying for me

20. Rich is bringing over a movie I've been wanting to watch

21. I have the support of a lot of people on line

22. Henri took me to a country gospel concert and barbeque

23. My ex smiled and waved at me (he was doing the barbeque)

24. My son said he'd get me some more wood so I could cancel my order

25. My son has been around this week

26. A lot of people have been calling me

27. I've been able to continue working one day a week

28. Messages from people who care

29. My brother in law gave me a lawnmower that wouldn't be so hard to get going and Rich took me down to get it.

30. I've survived week two with a broken elbow and other injuries

31. I'm going to my sister's reunion this week and they just informed me they're covering all of my expenses there

32. When I couldn't mow my lawn (before my son came home), God sent deer to eat some of the grass.

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Dear Kay,

I think it is great that you start this thread. We all get Blessings when we need them the most.

My Blessings

1. I had Pauline in my life 33 years

2. She had a Best friend Donna

3. Donna and now Greg has Became my best friends

4. One of the call every day.

5. I am blessed my illness came after Pauline passed, She needed me every day for 2 1/2 years the last years of her LIFE.

6. I have been able to help Greg and Donna through their hard times.

7. I got the Foley out yesterday and was able to take Greg one of Pauline's Power Chairs

8. Greg was so happy when he saw it all back together he broke down crying

9. I took him in my arms and told him it works both ways. They have really been there for me

10. It stopped raining long enough so I could get the Power chair up and in the house

11. I have so many friends here on HOV and that alone is a blessing.

12. I try every day to help people if I can, even if it is just a kind word or say I will pray for you

13. I have so many people praying for me I feel stronger now.

14. I still have my funding in place for my schooling. When I get this health problem solved

15. I am BLESSED HARRY, who got me to HOV. THANK YOU HARRY

God Bless


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Dear Dwayne,

You are welcome, but no thanks are necessary. Just doing what I do. Just as you do what you do here.



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Dear Kay.

I enjoyed our talk we had the other day. It made me feel good.

I have to add another blessing.

1. I am blessed I have good friends

2. I am blessed I have 2 new friends that will help me out. They help to put the AC in the kitchen. I am bless they live next door and will help take care and feed my pets while I am in the hospital when I have my operation

God Bless


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Wouldn't it be nice if this had a "like" button (like on FB)?! I'm so glad you have your A/C, that'll go a long ways in helping you survive your suffering!

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I am Blessed.

1. Mark loved me more than anything in the world and always showed me.

2. Mark taught me all about 4 wheel drive, riding a quad and digging a truck out of deep sand. All with a smile and cold beer in hand.

3. Mark liked it when I helped him with projects and he took the time to share his wisdom. Now I have the confidence to try to fix just about anything.

4. Mark shared his values everyday with our kids and now they understand what hard work and helping others really means.

5. Mark treated me with such respect and love that I know my daughter will never settle for a man that isn't just like him.

6. Mark gave me the two greatest gifts, Amy and Larry. Now I will never have to be alone.

7. Mark cried about everything important or not important without ever feeling silly.

8. Mark chose me as his soul mate and wife over all the other girls.

9. Mark always figured out a way to make everything okay no matter how bad it seemed.

10. I have been apart of someone and him a part of me, that something extra special, that most never get to feel.

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It is nice to have a cool apartment. I live on the second floor so it get hot up her without the AC going. This morning my computer would not restart at all only safe mode.

I am blessed that Dell work remotely from 8:30 this morning until 4:50 PM to get it up and running smooth again.

I am blessed it was still in warranty and I was told by the supervisor it was his top guy that done the work.

I am blessed every day even if it is just a kind word from someone I don't know.



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Oh Dwayne, it is so nice to see how God takes care of us when we would be otherwise feeling so helpless! I never knew what to do in safe mode, it's one of those things the techs know about...I'm a user, not a tech! Glad you got it going again!

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God works in my life every day. someway or another I can see and feel his work in my life. He uses me to help others and finds me help when ever I need it. Yes I am BLESSED everyday. I enjoyed our talk I hope we can do it again soon

God Bless you Kay, I know he will get your elbow the right help you need

Your Friend


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