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What It Would Be Like If Mom Was Still Here

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I was sitting here in the living room at a time where I would usually be sitting and talking with my mom. I imagined for a few minutes what it would be like if my mom was still here. The pit in my stomach disappeared and the depressed feeling was gone. Of course unfortunately this is not the case so it came back again. It sucks to know the one thing that would make me feel better is never going to happen. I know things will get better but I don't think that same feeling I used to have and I imagined will ever be back again. That's kind of a sad thought to think about. I feel I'm a pretty strong person so I'll be able to deal with it but it doesn't change the fact that it sucks.

I really wish I got married and had some kids when I was younger. I think it would help to have some kids to pour my love into but it's just me. I do have my dad here but it's just not the same. My mother and I just had a very tight bond!

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HI Drock,

It is always the right time to do something you would have done earlier. Your love can never go waste , and it is going to keep you strong and positive and always believing. Your mom is your inspiration and you can believe that she is always going to be with you.



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Thanks guys! Nothing much that can be done really. It's just one of those things that we all have to deal with one way or another. Just venting! Thanks alot for responding! Just knowing there are people out there that care is a great comfort!

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