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Dwayne Is Back In The Hospital

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Dwayne is back in the hospital. I just got back from the hospital a little while ago and he had asked me to post a brief note about what is going on.

Apparently the antibiotic they had him on after his surgery caused a bacterial infection in his intestines. They have him on another antibiotic to take care of that, but are having to pump him full of fluids intravenously. He looked good when I first saw him this morning, but looked tireder when I saw him after going by his house to pick some things up for him. They expect he will be in the hospital until at least Tuesday--and more likely Wednesday.

He is very positive about his recovery. He wants to go hiking when he gets better. But he could use all the positive energy he can get just this very now. I hope to get back in to see him tomorrow sometime. But he clearly tires easily. I will keep you all posted on his recovery.



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