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Well, oh my God, did I cry! How lovely it is when someone can put these things in words so eloquent. I should make my own list, as I've shared even more things than this with both of my furbabies.

Except now, things are in the later stages of this piece, with my girl spending most of her time snoozing, and she'd like me to join her more often, but someone has to get the necessities done ( as is always the case in human life ) and so I feel guilt.....a LOT.....because I know how true these words are and how precious every single second is when we still have someone we love here in the world with us. In fact, I think I should go give her some scritches and kisses instead of sitting here writing about what I'm missing out on right NOW. Thank you for sharing this reminder, and the memories of my oh-so-cherished days with my gal's brother, my soulmate, my Sabin.

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Thank you so much for sharing such a beautifully written piece. It expresses so well what our beloved animal companions can teach us and how our lives are changed forever once our furbabies come into them. It is so terribly hard to give them that one last gift of freedom to move on without us. But, they deserve that selflessness from us after a lifetime of selflessly giving us their total and unconditional love.

I'm so glad to be reminded of all of the wonderful moments I've shared with my beloved babies, and I will keep those memories close to my heart until our paths cross again.


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