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If He's Dumped You, Delete Him From Your Facebook Friends


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He's dumped you...

But he's happy to leave you as his Facebook Friend.

Usually because, he wants to keep an eye on what you're up to! And guess what...It's no longer any of his business!

Whether you're still dealing with the heartbreak he left you with, or you're having a fabulous time with someone new, he has no right to know! You already have his email address should it be absolutely necessary at some point to contact him, and he has yours, so you have no reason to allow him (or anyone else who's online) to think you're still "Friends".

Breakups play with the emotions of even the most emotionally mature person. And allowing him to remain as your online 'Friend' will play with your emotions. Even if he hasn't updated his profile recently saying what a fun night out he had (The same night you stayed home alone in tears), if he simply puts up a new profile photo you can still feel a whole range of emotions, and could find yourself asking yourself questions such as - Where was he when this was taken? Who took this photo? Are they any Woman in the background? Did he put it up purposely to hurt me? Were some of OUR friends there, and I wasn't invited? Not exactly what you need to worry about at the end of your working day, and while you're moving on and trying to forget about him.

Soon you could also be coming home to Status Lines involving his new love interests. Ewww! And you don't need to be the kind of ex-girlfriend who leaves a smart remark on his profile like "Well, I hope you treat her better than you treated me".He'll know how to discretely 'pull at your strings' so save your dignity in advance, and just don't give him the opportunity to do it.

For some guys, keeping ex-girlfriends as 'Online Friends' is like keeping a 'Little Black Book" - So don't feel flattered that he hasn't deleted you. He wants attractive woman 'Friends' on his Contact List because it makes him feel good. It flatters his ego. Yes he's probably been collecting all of his ex-girlfriends, some even from years ago, adding them as 'Friends' to feed his ego! Or worse, to compare with the next girlfriend who comes along, but you don't need to one of those girls! And what's worse, now that he's single you might see more ex-girlfriends popping up as his 'Friends' - even the one's he's bitched to you about!

There are guys who will still do this even when they've already found a new relationship, and they could be trying to prove to their ex-girlfriends that they're worthy - now they're found Miss Right - they want to show off, thinking this relationship now proves they've turned out to be a great 'relationship kind of guy' . Yeah right! He just ended a great relationship! And ending it means, he should no longer have the privilege of accessing your private information and photos, and any opportunity to upset you further. So do yourself a favour, and quietly delete him from you Friends List before he gets the chance.


• When you delete someone from your Friends, it does not show up in your News Feed.

• There's a button at the bottom left corner of everyone's Profile Page, allowing you to delete the 'Friend' from there. Alternatively click on the Friends tab at the top of the page, and when you choose 'All Connections' there's a button to the right which allows you to delete a Contact.

• For greater privacy, also check your Privacy Settings from the 'Settings' tab towards the top right of your page - you can adjust your settings to ensure they still can't access your Status Updates and Photos once you've deleted them

• You can also 'Block' a contact (either by their name or email address) if you want someone to appear totally invisible to you on the site (By choosing this option you automatically become invisible to them too. You block someone from your Privacy Settings page.

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They're starting to give us more control with tagging too, so if you're tagged in some pictures he has, you may be able to get that untagged.

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