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Birthday Card

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Real love takes more than flowers,

means more than beautiful words.

Real love means keeping promises...

holding on when you don't want to,

being strong so that others may rest.

And as time and change swirl around us,

the love we share stands quietly in the midst

of our lives,

forever beautiful,

forever real.

Inside the card...

Darling Steve,

Sometimes I stop and I thnk about

what we've been through together -

the good, the bad,

and everything in between.

And I realize that there's no one

I'd rather share my life with

than you.

Happy Birthday

to the Man I Love

I'll hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms once again.

My love will go on forever.

Loving you always - Trisha

If only I could have shared this with him. Silly me, he knows and always knew.

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