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This was one of the toughest things I have ever written. We all need

help going forward with life after a trauma or tragedy.

I believe the C in closure means the closure process is always a CHOICE we

have to make for ourselves individually.

The L in closure stands for LOVE. If we did not love we would never have to

experience closure.

The O in closure stands for ONE. The one that we love and miss and need closure to just

put one foot in front of another again.

The S stands for life’s SURPRISES that seem to come our way, no matter how broken hearted we may be.

The U stands for unfathomable, unnatural, unfortunate, unexpected and especially UNBEARABLE.

The R stands for RESISTANCE. The resistance that all of us feel at the thought of

moving forward without that special person in our lives any longer.

The E stands for ENOUGH. I have thought and even said enough many times. But I never experienced too much to stop reaching out to others in their moments of pain,

loss, and heartache. I wish all of you the best as you try and come to terms

with the heartbreak that requires you to try and find some closure.


Debbie Wilson


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Debbie, you put a lot of thought into your CLOSURE entry. It is loaded with food for thought. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I particularly like the O and U.

It also feels like a good-bye to the board...and I wonder if it is a good-bye. Just checking.

Mary mfh

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