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Hello Everyone,

I'm Valerie, and I am searching for an online support group for people and/or their loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer.

How are you dealing with it...

In June of 2005, my husband (54 years old) felt a mass in the left side of his abdomen.

Through several different physician referrals it was determined that he had (Massive Splenomegaly).

August 31st. he had his spleen removed. The pathology report stated he has (CLL ~ Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). It is said to be stage 3.

This week he will be having a bone marrow aspiration, to determine possible treatment options, if any.

He and I talk very openly about the future for him, and all of us as a family. We have 3 grown children. (25, 21, 20).

I am hoping to find someone who might be going through this situation, and is willing to talk about how they are handleing their situation. Their type of cancer, or just anything they would like to share.

Thank You For Your Time...Valerie K.

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My dear Valerie,

I'm so very sorry to learn of your husband's serious illness; please know that both of you are being held gently in our thoughts and prayers as you travel this difficult journey together.

Although I certainly hope that others who read your message here will respond to your specific request and share their experiences with you, I also want to point you to some valuable resources, all of which are listed on the Links / Care Giving page of my Grief Healing Web site. For your convenience, however, I've selected out the ones that I think you will find most helpful. Just click on the individual titles listed, and you will be taken to each of the following sites:

Cancer Care Support Services

Cancer Care Connection

Cancer Guide: When You Need the Right Questions

Cancer Hope Network

Cancer Foundation: R. A. Bloch

Cancer Support Groups and Information: The Wellness Community

Cancer Support for Individuals and Families: Gilda's Club

Cancer Support Services: M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy Information

I also encourage you and your husband to consider exploring the healing power of guided imagery, relaxation and meditation. Read more about such programs at these sites:

Cancer, Chemo, and Guided Imagery

Imagery to Help with Cancer

Health Journeys: Resources for Body, Mind and Spirit

Health and Healing: Guided Imagery from The Power Within

Finally, here are some articles and books I've read myself and would highly recommend to both of you:

Illness: A New Perspective on Suffering

The Four Things that Matter Most: A Book about Living

Facing Death and Finding Hope

Final Gifts

Wishing you peace and continued healing,

Marty T

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I am so sorry of what you are going through...just remember, one day at a time. Focus on and appreciate the moment...that's the only advice I can give. I went through this with my mother-in law, she was my dearest friend at that time. God supply you with strength and comfort as you go through this.

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