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Do You Tend To Overreact More Now?

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Even more than 2 years on, I feel like I overreact a lot easier now. Not about unimportant things. Let's say I THINK someone might be upset or disappointed or annoyed with me, I start to cry. It's like I want everyone to like me all the time. If I'm not 100% perfect, I feel like I've failed. Can anyone relate to this? Is this common in grief because it doesn't seem so.

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hey Em,

I do find that I get paranoid about what people think and so many times especially over the last year I've thought people have been annoyed with me when they haven't.

I think I get so scared that they are upset or disappointed with me that I feel like I shut myself off from that person, telling myself I don't need them anyways, that the relationship is overrated and so on .........I think it's just a coping mechanism because I do need my friends at the end of the day.

When I do find out that they are not mad, that they've just been busy etc that's when I find myself crying. Maybe crying because I doubt myself so much and overthink so much and just always assume everyone is odd with me.

((big hugz))) Em,



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