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My best canine friend blue died tuesday. He was in the hospital because he had a injury to his back and was having problems with his rear legs. It was sudden (maybe he jumped off the bed or ran down the stairs wrong) either way he is gone and I am having a terrible time dealing with this loss. It is not my first lost. I have had other dogs pass on whether by injection or by old age. Blue was the kind of dog that would let us do anything to him he just was full of trust. My problem is did I let that trust down. The vet was just as surprised of his passing as I am. On Monday when I went to visit him he did not appear all there, the vet said she had given him pain medication to let him rest so could do chriopathic therapy on him. She was sure it was a disc problem. On Sunday the first full day at the vets he seem in distress. Yesterday he looked comfortable and when I went in the cage to be near him he seem quite comfortable. His eyes looked good and I just felt he would be ok. Early tuesday morning I received the call that told me he had passed. I know in time I will remember only good things about Blue, but for now I am just so sad. Thanks for listening.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Me heart is heavy for you. Please when you feel ready, return here and share your storries of him with us!

CJ Anderson

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