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I don't know how many Canadians are on this site, to all that are"Happy Thanksgiving".

Since Lars has died almost 2 years ago,I look at all holidays in a different way, usually with much sadness that he's not here with us, but also with a happy heart that we were able to spend so many wonderful holidays together.

So today as my family gathers I'm going to remember the good things of my life that I'm thankful for today and every day.

I'm thankful to be living where I am, and not in a war zone.

I'm thankful that I have enough food and drink.

Im thankful for my health.

I'm thankful for my family and friends.

I'm thankful that I have all of you for support.

And last but not least, I'm so thankful I had 41 wonerful years with Lars.


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Hi Lainey,

I am with you on the holiday deal. Sad and lonely without Bill. But each day that he is gone, not only do I miss him more and that is becoming more real now...but I realize increasingly how lucky and blessed I was in my life to have him as a husband, best friend, lover, co-worker, and so much more. I know that many, if not most, people never have what I had in my 25 years with Bill. Women have come to me and said they could tell there was something unique and special about our relationship (that happened again just yesterday when my former hair stylist was in town and stopped to visit. She said that she and the other gals at the shop used to comment about us). Many women have told me they longed to have what they saw that we had. I was totally unaware that it showed until they said that to me...I HAVE to be grateful. I would be a fool not to be. I try to focus on that.

Today it is looking like thanksgiving weather here in Wisconsin...not too far from Canada :) Rainy, gray, leaves all over the ground. My maple tree is becoming a skeleton. Actually I like days like this. Peace to you. Thanks for the great reminder....helps me anticipate holidays with better balance.

Mary :)

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Dear Mary,

All the places that Pauline and I went, people would say the same thing. Where did Pauline find such a kind and caring and loving man? Her hair dresser, Donna always said to Pauline, that she was the luckiest woman she knew, to have a man like Dwayne, she even told her that she wanted to find herself a Dwayne. Well after she got rid of the loser she was married to she found him in our church. Donna called Pauline and told her she met her Dwayne, it made Pauline glow with happiness. After she passed, everywhere I went nurses, Doctors, other people that knew us, told me how lucky we both were to have found each other. That Pauline could not have found a better man to marry, that loved her so much, he did anything for her in the time, she had MS. I think we were just meant to meet and fall in love, and become one in life and death.

God Bless


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