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The Pie Dish - The Little Things In The Day That Bring Them Back To Yo

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It is amazing how small things can take you back to the one you love. The way the sun streams in the window, a smell, a sound . . . little things.

Six months have come and gone. . . I survived it. My birthday came and went - and it was like every other day. The days seem to be going faster and faster. I have her photo on our corner memorial area. I hug her smock before bedtime (it still has the smell of her cooking on it). Miss her everyday.

So today I am making dinner. Gumbo - one of my twin's favorite meals. I thought, "I think I will make an apple pie to go along with it." and pull out my old, battered pie dish. Grandma always loved to cook for her family - it was one of her great joys in life. She would always make pies and soups for us - and she sure did make awesome pies and soups. About 6 years ago she made my husband an apple pie. When we finished I brought her pie dish back to her, but this time she handed it back to me and she said, "I want you to keep it. Someday, when I am gone, you will be making a pie for your family with this dish and I hope you will remember me." Like I could ever forget my Grandma.

So now I will start to make my pie and I will think of Grandma. I regret all the times I could have visited her but I didn't. I regret all the visits that were short and rushed because I thought I had somewhere else I had to be. I will think of her beautiful bent hands joyfully pressing pie crust into this pie dish. I will remember the love, the wet kisses, the joy she have me. And I will hope and pray two things - 1 - that I will give my own kids that same feeling and 2 - that there is a God and a heaven and someday I will be able to meet her again in heaven. I miss you so much my beautiful Grandma. . .

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Your post was a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

My mom was a wonderful baker too....I recently came across an empty vanilla bottle , in a plastic bag. I knew I had kept it after she died ,but couldn't remember why. I took it out of the bag and held it up...then I remember why I kept it...there are perfect flour fingerprints all over the bottle, my mom's.

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