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I Lost My Good Friend In A House Fire At Only 13 Years Of Age.


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On the 10th on November 2010, I lost not only a good friend but he was like a brother to me. William King died in a house fire along side with his mother and father. William had no brother's or sister's, instead he had extremely close friends who were like his siblings. The fire was caused by faulty installation put in the roof by the local government.

11 days to go and it will be the one year anniversary of this lovely families death...

So i guess i'm really writing in here to ask for advice on how to get through this hard time. At my school there is only one other person who knew and was close to William as I was but he doesnt show any emotion so I'm left feeling silly crying while he is happy as can be. William went to another school in town so everyone knew him there. It's easier for those people because they have a shoulder to cry on the and they know what everyone is going through because they are going through the same.

Any advice on how I can get throug this without doing stupid thinkgs to myself again..

William King.bmp

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Bec, I'm so sorry to learn of the death of your good friend William in this tragic fire, and I certainly understand and appreciate how alone you must feel in your grief for him. It's difficult for any of us to lose a loved one to death, but especially so when we are young and have little or no past experience with significant loss. And since you have only one friend at school who also knew William as well as you did, it makes it especially difficult, as you say, to find understanding listeners whose shoulders you can cry on. That's why support groups are so helpful ~ they put you in touch with others who are grieving, too, so you don't have to explain to them why you're feeling as you are. I don't know what, if any, grief support services especially for teens might be available in your community, but you might consider asking a teacher whom you trust to look into this for you. I also encourage you to do some exploring on the Internet, as there are lots of sites that you may find informative and helpful. I think it's important to learn about what is normal in grief, because it helps you to feel less "crazy" and alone, it helps you to know what to expect as you travel your own grief journey, and it helps you figure out and discover ways that you can better manage your own reactions. A good place to start is on my site's Child, Adolescent Grief Web page. There you will find links to dozens of articles, books and Web sites, many of them aimed at people your own age.

In addition, as this first anniversary of William's death approaches, you might consider thinking of ways that you could remember him in some significant way. That's what rituals are for, and finding ways to honor the memory of our deceased loved ones can be very, very healing. You are limited only by your imagination! Can you think of some ways that you could do this? See, for example, Creating Personal Grief Rituals

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thank you guys. i got through the one year alright. over 1 year on and its still hard and i stoill do cry myself to sleep many nights. i know this pain will ease but until then i guess i just have to hang in there.. <3

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