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Missing My Son

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On July 18, 05 I lost my son, Tay-Shawn Malick. I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and I went into premature labor. The doctor and nurses didn't believe me when I told them that I was having contractions. My son was born at 1320 and pasted away at 1340. He was so small and perfect. I don't know how God could bless me and take my angel back. I know everything has its reasons but that saying isn't really helping me at this moment. I have been trying to get counseling and talking about it to my boyfriend. It doesn't seem to help. For some reason it will help for a day or two but then i am angry all over again and i don't know how to control my anger and my temper. I try to go to the gym but it doesn't always help. I don't have any other children but i do have my 2 dogs and when i lost my mom 3 years ago they helped me get throught it but it doesn't seem the be helping. If there is anyone out there that could just help or could talk please let me know you can get me at: munchkins22te2003@yahoo.com.

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